About Us

Our Mission

At Clear Springs, we’ve adopted this mission statement: Building a Lasting Faith in Christ by Serving. Our goal is to be a church family that introduces you to the truth of the Good News and offers you a personal relationship with Christ. A church that helps you take the words of Jesus and apply them to your life, making decisions guided by God’s Word.

Building – This is like a construction project: not finished yet, but a work in progress. Philippians 1:6 reminds us that God will finish the good work that He starts in each of our lives!

A Lasting Faith in Christ – Our desire is to see life-changing faith produced that stands the test of time and trials. Jesus gave a picture of this in Matthew 7:24-27 as he told a story of a wise man who built his house upon the rock. When the storms of life came, the house did not fall because it was built on a solid foundation. Jesus said that foundation for our lives is hearing His words and then putting them into practice. If we want to have a lasting faith, then we have to learn God’s Word, begin to love God’s Word, and then live by God’s Word. Of course, as we do our part in this process, we recognize that it’s still a work of God – Jesus Christ died for us so that it could even become possible for us to live for Him and the Holy Spirit enables us to live as Christ-followers.

By Serving – We want to help you be successful in Building a Lasting Faith in Christ… As we work on this, it’s our aim to model what this looks like …by Serving. When we serve others, we are serving Jesus… and we’re modeling “a Lasting Faith in Christ” in the process. We will follow Jesus’ example. We will serve God first and foremost. We will serve others in the same, self-sacrificing way that God has served us. We intend to show God’s love in a way that literally makes a noticeable difference in the lives of others.

Our Values

Serving Together

Jesus was the ultimate servant leader. He served us when he saved us by dying on the cross in our place. As Christ-followers, we believe we were saved to serve – to serve God and to serve others. When we serve others unconditionally and put the needs of others ahead of our own, we’re demonstrating the love of God in action. When we do this together, we become the arms and feet of Jesus on earth – and accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.

Building Friendships

We believe that every Christ-follower need genuine faith-filled friendships and a place to belong. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 tells us that these authentic friendships strengthen our faith, offer support through difficult seasons of life, and provide spiritual warmth when our hearts grow cold. We value being a church family that helps us all benefit from investing in authentic friendships.

Teaching Truth

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word – the guide to living out God’s will in our lives. In order for it to impact us, we have to learn God’s Word, begin to love God’s Word, and then live according to God’s Word – making decisions guided by God’s Word as led by the Holy Spirit.

Strengthening Faith

No one should stop growing spiritually after salvation. At Clear Springs we believe that Christians are and should be on a never ending journey to learn more about God, grow closer to him, and to grow deeper and deeper in our knowledge of him.

Equipping Families

We believe that nothing is a more clear indicator of our personal faith in Christ than how we live out our faith (or lack of faith) within our families. God created the family before He created the church. He simply organized the church to help strengthen the faith of each Christ-follower so that we can be better equipped to live out that personal faith within our families.